Convert Remote Key To Flip Key Case

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1. Open your remote key, locate and take out your remote electronic board and transponder chip if separated.
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2. Open the screws from your new flip key case using a small head cross screw-driver.
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3. Place and secure electronic board and transponder chip in the designated spots.
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4. Insert spring to release button and release button into key blade.
  • Spring have one way to go inside the release button (where spring end folds inside).
  • Release button have 3 guide pins, two pass through the key blade and one stay in it (you will need to hold the release button so it will not fall through).
  • Place the release button and key blade at the front shell (the release button, key blade and front shell all have groves that should aligned).
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5. Placing the front and back shell covers together:
    • While holding the front shell with the key blade in place and the spring facing you in one hand with the other hand match the spring out-facing end with its designated spot in the back set (do not press it down) and turn the back shell counter-clock to tension the spring (approx one circle).
    • Press down the back cover to fit the front cover holding everything in it.
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6. Finish:
    • Insert key-ring in spot (may need to loft front cover a little bit to place it)
    • Screw back all the screws with small head cross screw-driver.
Your new flip key is ready! Enjoy 🙂
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