We know from personal experience that a professional locksmith labor can get expensive. When gas prices and living expenses keep going up, the labor also goes up and now the average service call of an automotive locksmith will range from $45-$85, not including any jobs they might have to perform.

We want to help you save some of this money buy teaching you to do some of this work by yourself. For that, we’ve made a few “Do It Yourself – DIY” and information guides to help you through it, and we are still working on more, promising to add as many new ones as we can every week.

Please remember that while doing it yourself can save you a lot of money, if you make a mistake or break something it may end up costing you much more. So please make sure you feel comfortable with the tasks and tools on these guides and if you are not sure about something please ask or call a professional to finish the job for you. It is OK to let a pro do his/her job when you are not certain.

Also please remember that all you do is on your own responsibility. We will not be accountable for any damage to your lock or vehicle, and if you choose to follow our guides you are in agreement that you take full responsibility for anything that might happen.

Thank you and Good Luck

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