Replace Broken Remote Case

Broken remote case remote case repair

A New remote or remote key for your vehicle may cost hundreds of dollars. While in some cases you have no option but to buy and program a new one many times the issue with your remote may be only cosmetic or  an issue with the remote shell (the case which holds the electronic board and battery in place), In such cases like the one presented in the photo above, the repair is very easy and can cost you as little as $5-$15.

You don’t have to be a locksmith or automotive savvy to be able to fix broken remote cases by yourself, All you need is an eBay / Amazon account and a flat-headed screwdriver.

Here is how you do it:

1. Open you broken remote case / shell.

open remote caseopen remote shell

Using the flat headed screwdriver open your broken remote case / shell by simply inserting it into the space between the front and back cover and slightly turning it until the two sides snap apart from each other.

2. Remove electronic board and battery.

remote electronic boardelectronic board

The electronic board will usually be sitting inside a rubber glove. Remove the glove with the board from the shell by pushing one of the buttons when the back cover is out.
Then strip the electronic board from the rubber glove.

remote shell replacement

Phase A Complete!

3. New remote case / shell.

New remote case

Take your new remote case and reverse your action.

A. Insert electronic board and battery into rubber glove

new remote case change

B. Place all inside new front shell cover.

New shell case

C. Snap back and front shell covers together

Make sure all buttons and parts are properly aligned.

new shell


Your new looking remote is ready!

refurbish remote